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    Jowita Tiesing
    I'm Jowita, also called "Jowka", and I'm just over 40 years old. Although I'm a trained pedagogue specialized in work with infants, I've been involved with computer graphics for a long time. has always fascinated me so much that it has become my profession. It’s not only my source of income, but also my greatest passion. Who has the luck to turn his hobby into a profession and earn his money that way? I must confess that I do not even feel it when I'm working because this job gives me so much pleasure! Fabric pattern design is just a small part of what I do because I also create a lot of graphics and illustrations that are mainly used in the marketing industry. If time permits, I also love to make logos for girls from the sewing community. This connects my two favorite hobbies - drawing and sewing. When I'm not working, I'm a wife of my husband with a mathematical mind and overjoyed mom of a school age son who does not know what's cooler: solve logical puzzles or be creative with more

    CUSHION PANEL - EL CORAZON - Upholstery velour


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