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    I. General terms

    1. The Internet Shop Dresó is owned by Dresó Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. with the headquarter in Głuchołazy, address: ul. Poprzeczna 7, 48 – 340 Głuchołazy, KRS 0000667895, REGON 366758420, NIP: 7532443121, available under Regulated by par. 919-921 of Civil Code – law from 23rd April 1964 Civil Code (Dz. U. From 2016, poz. 380 with subsequent amendments).

    2. Terms for the printed fabric samples sale means this document and is the only document defining the principles of Sale.

    3. The customer is any subject that, using the website, has entered into an agreement with the Shop to buy goods offered in the online shop at


    II. Terms of sale

    4. The subject of sale is a product with dimensions of 33,3 x 21,5 cm (+/- 3 cm) called a printed fabric sample

    5. The sample applies only to printed loop knit fabrics available in the Dresó shop

    6. The sample may contain minor manufacturing defects that do not affect the presentation of the fabric sample.

    7. Colors, shades, saturation of the sample and the full-size fabric may differ from each batch (permissible difference of +/- 5%).

    8. The pattern on the material may be placed unevenly and does not have to be placed in the central part of the sample.

    9. By purchasing 1 piece, the customer receives 1 piece of the product. By ordering a larger number of the same sample, the customer will receive an adequate number of separate coupons. The samples are not connected, you can get different parts of the pattern.

    10. The product ""printed fabric sample" is not subject to a complaint due to manufacturing defects or printing defects.

    11. The product "printed fabric sample" is subject to the terms of sale in accordance with the Purchase Terms.

    12. The Terms may be changed at any time by placing them on the Seller’s website.