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    Terms and conditions of sale of own print panel

    1. The shop Dresó is run by Dresó LLC LP with its registered office in Głuchołazy, ul. Poprzeczna 7, 48-340 Głuchołazy, NIP: 7532443121, REGON: 366758420, KRS: 0000667895,

    The legal basis are the rules of art. 919-921 of the Act of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code (consolidated text Journal of Laws of 2016, item 380, as amended).

    2. Regulations of selling and ordering of the panel means this document and is the only document defining the rules for the functioning of the Offer.

    3. The customer is any entity that, using the service, has entered into an agreement with the Shop to buy goods offered in the online shop at

    4. The sold product has the dimensions of 50x70, 75x85, called a panel with own print.

    5. When ordering, the customer is required to attach a file with graphics in the designated field. If you do not upload the graphic when placing an order, you will not be able to place the order.

    6. The uploaded file will be printed in 1:1 size and quality, including centering graphics on the panel with selected dimensions of 50x70, 75x85.

    7. Acceptable graphics format: JPEG, TIFF and JPG (JPG is saved with lossy compression, affecting the quality of graphics).

    8. The purchase of 1 piece of panel is equal to 1 printing service.

    9. When you purchase:

    - several panels with the same graphics you should: attach a file with graphics, and then add the appropriate amount of product to the cart (in the "quantity" field, enter the expected quantity, and then click "add to cart")

    - several panels with different graphics: add to the cart each panel with attached graphics, giving the right amount of product. If you want to buy another panel with a different graphic, you should go back to the shop and repeat the task.

    10. The print will be printed digitally.

    11. The print will be made on white looped knit fabric SP250 or white single jersey TE210 in selected dimensions depending on choice of the product.

    12. The shop is not responsible for the quality and content of the graphic, which are not subject to complaint. Only physical defects of the fabric can be reported as a complaint.

    13. The attached graphics are not exchangeable.

    14. The time of the print service is max. 31 calendar days.

    15. Delivery and shipping time of the order:

    - If the placed order contains only an Offer panel / panels, the order will be sent after the print service is ready

    - If the placed order contains an Offer panel / panels and other products, the customer decides on the date of shipment of the order according to the options listed. Ordered products can be sent as stated in the regulations of dresó or after the print service has been completed.

    16. The Regulations may be changed at any time by placing them on the Organizer's website.