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    1. The option of making additional order to previously placed orders is only available to registered Customers.

    2. You can make addons to following order status:

    • new
    • order paid
    • awaiting for payment
    • payment period soon expires

    3. To realize the order addon you should:

    • Log in to the shop
    • Add items to cart, click on the cart.
    • If the previously placed order meets the criteria from the point 2, then above "go to checkout" button will appear option to make order addon to your last order.
    • In the next step, Customer should follow the ordering procedure in our shop. If the total weight of the entire order is within the 30kg limit, then the order addon placement is free of additional shipping costs. When the maximum weight of the package (30kg) is exceeded, you will be informed about payment for new, extra package.
    • The default settings for order addons is the same mailing address and payment method.
    • Completion of combined orders takes place, over the period of time from the last made order.





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