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    At our store we offer fabrics both from domestic (polish) and abroad production. We select only the best possible available products. Years of experience have let us to create comprehensive offer distinguishing on the European market through premium quality.

    Since summer 2016 we have become also fabrics manufacturer. We specialize on cotton fabrics (also with addition of elastan, linen, polyester) of unprecedented quality on the Polish market.

    For the manufacturing process we use the best composite cotton yarns, which are much more smooth than combed yarns. As a result, the knitted fabric have very smooth surface what let us to perform better quality prints.

    Knitted fabrics are dyed in the best dye-works company in this part of the world and for their stabilization we use finest softeners. Our textiles goes through 2 more enhancing process than other manufacturers goods. We basically use on "all inclusive" what is possible to enhance the final product and due to our own production and significant amount of sales we are able to offer our goods at very attractive price level.

    Our production goods:

    -PE260 - our golden product, the queen of all looped textiles, sweat fabrics' perfection ;) This knitwear replace  simultaneously PE240 and E300, which we have offered so far. It is not only about the weight, it is about yarn "15" which is much thinner and smoother. Due to this extraordinary smoothness the final product is more pleasant to the touch, have a delicate "as smooth as velvet" structure and printing on it is much nicer.

    Just for comparison, E300 looped knit is made from yarn "20", designed for thicker fabrics which seems to be more chunky and fleshy however it's surface is not smooth, it is stiffer to the touch and less delicate so is poorly suited for printing.

    In PE260 we have joint together the best features of those both fabrics: we use yarn "15" from the top, yarn "20" from the bottom :)

    Certainly both top and the botton - everything from our productuion is made from the selected composite cotton yarn.

    -TE210 - singiel jersey/t-shirt with elastan 210g - the most popular jersey type fabric, elastic, exceptionally smooth and pleasant to the touch. 

    -P/TE - stripes on single jersey - our first product, the sweat knitwear in stripes made from colourful yarn.

    -ST - smooth elastic fabric - weight 260g/m2, perfect for thinner textiles
 -SD - elastic fabric in convex stripes  - weight 430g/m2, perfect for thicker textiles - P/SD - elastic fabric in stripes - fabric in convex stripes from the colourful yarn

    -D300 - our the most popular brushed fabric, 300g/m2, with addition of polyester.

    -T180 - single jersey / t-shirt 100% cotton, 180g/m2

    Other manufacturers products:

    -X220 Premium - great polish origin product. It replaces P240 100% cotton. It has an elastan addition, but used in unusal way what makes this fabric as elastic as 100% cotton fabrics. Addition of elastan keeps this fabric steady thus it does not deform. 

    -M260 - fur for bathrobe and blankets.

    Well-known our imported (China, Turkey) products:

    -X250 Premium - turkish looped fabric 250g/m2
    -X160 Premium - turkish t-shirt fabric 160g/m2
    -Single jersey with pipings - t-shirt fabric with white pipings
    -Denim - fabrics imitating jeans/denim

    -Minky fleece - fleece embossed dots, hearts and stars, and plush combed the star. Chinease production.

    In the our offer you will find also plenty limited edition fabrics, available seasonally in smaller series / amounts.