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Sale conditions
1. General conditions:
• The customer has the possibility of buying goods at a lower price than in regular retail.
• During the sell-off a customer can buy products without quantitative restrictions.
• We don't determine any minimum amounts that must be purchased in order to realize the order
(orders containing one piece of material are permitted)
• The selloff products may be combined with other products from regular sale
• The shipping costs do not change.
2. Information on the selloff pieces:
• The Names of materials include centimeters. It determines the length of the piece, the width is not
changed. Unless the numbers in the name have an exemplary format: 10x130 - the first value is the
length, the second is the irregular width.
• Selloff products may:
- have small flaws, defects, holes, printing errors, etc. - in this case they have a 30% discount on the
retail price
- be too short, for example 48cm - in this case they have a discount of 20% on the retail price
• A purchase of two pieces of the same color / pattern means that you get two separate products,
never in one piece.
3. Complaints policy on selloff materials:
• Products are subject to a complaint only if the material is completely different
from the one ordered on the website:
- The size of the product deviates significantly from the description on the website
- The pattern or colour is not adequate to the ordered fabric