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    At our store you could find printed patterns fabrics produced in three various methods:
    - screen printing
    - digital printing
    - rotary printing
    In this article we briefly explain the differences between them indicating the key features.

    Digital printing:
    It is fundamental method of printing in our diversed collection
    It gives many unique advantages which let us to offer projects in a full range of color saturation in very high resolution (300dpi)
    Digitally printed knitwear features are exceptional softness, imperceptible paint, stretching resistance.
    They characterized by the best shrinkage parameters and resistance to pilling / abrasion.

    Digital printing examples:

    We invite you to check our digitally printed fabrics offer:

    Screen printing:
    It is the most popular method of printing. We use this method to prepare less complicated projects which have limited amount of colours. Screen printing gives high quality printing at a very attractive price. We use screen printing method on fabrics from our production so they are colouristically compatible to our smooth fabrics as well as to our elastic fabrics range.

    Screen printing examples:

    We invite you to check our digitally printed fabrics offer:

    Rotary printing:
    Addiition to the above methods is rotary printing technology which links the highest quality of digital printing with the price range of screen printing :)
    It is used for the production of our the most popular projects which need the largest amount of imprint.Rotary printed patterns are (in similarity to digital printing method) very soft with imperceptible paintand imprint keeps elastic for stretching while the price is on the screen printing level.

    Rotary printing examples:

    We invite you to check our rotary printed fabrics offer:


    We also encourage you to read the test illustrating the differences between the prints, made by Mrs. Paulina, author of the blog


    Thoughtful shopping is advisable. Any form of printing has its advantages and disadvantages. Digital printing lacks all common errors of screen printing, however, the price of these materials is a bit higher. These defects occur in the range mentioned above, can not be the basis for complaint.


    Typical defects of screen printing: