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    Complaints and returns

    In the event whereby the delivered goods are oimproper quality or incomplete as compared with the arrangements made under the agreement, the Buyer have the right to demand the price be lowered or withdraw from the agreement in whole or in part.
    If you want to make complaint or return please communicate us on e-mail:

    [email protected]

    Please write in your e-mail all the information:

    - number of the order that complaint / return relates to

    - description of what is being complaint / returned

    - description of defects / faults

    - proposition of the solution to satisfy your needs

    - attach the complaint form, available for download here Click to download the form

    Procedure for returns and exchange:

    Consumer has right to return or replace ordered goods maximum 30 days from the package delivery date. 

    Reutrn or replacement is possible only when delivered products are in the same condition as were ordered (new, complete).

    Goods should be returned with thVAT invoice or the fiscal receipt and the information about the bank account number where the amount of money has to be transferred or the information about different products choosed for replacement (exchange).

    In case of full order return Customer will receive entire amount of money paid at the order. In case of return of a part of the order Customer will receive the amount of money equivalent to the amount of returned goods.

    Return bank transfers are proceed within 10 working days from the date of delivery.  

    The costs of returning the goods are not refundable.

    In the event that the recipient does not accept the package within the specified time (due to the recipient's fault), the re-shipping of the parcel will involve recharging the shipping cost in accordance with our shipping cost table.

    If the recipient fails to accept the package within the specified time (due to the recipient's fault) and then resigns from the order, the customer will receive a refund of the payment only for the ordered products (shipping costs excluded)

    Procedure for complaint:


    Please check your goods very carefully before accepting them. Do not take on damaged packages, because they cannot be claimed.

    Claims for production defects or measure misleads are undertake ony for products in the same condition as were ordered (new, complete).

    Claimed products shall be returned to Store with description of defect, as a whole product equally to a single unit of measurement (e.g. 1 meter, 1 item, 1 package, 1 pair).

    If the complaint is declarethe costs of return is covered by the Store in amount of the cheapest available delivery option to Customer's location currently available at the Store's website.

    If delivered order is incomplete, the missing products are send by courier shipping or the missing products value is refund onto Customer's account. The costs of courier shipping is covered by the Store.

    product property nothe quality

    Described on the Store's webiste faults in products specification and photography shown cannot be the basis for complaint

    We suggest to read following information page and learn about particular design limitation:

    In case of claims regarding to fabric durability (e.g. piling, fading, printing, wiping) we ask for detailed photographic documentation or return of unused sample of the complainted fabric. In case of samples absence the justness of admitted claim will be judge on the samples in Store's possesion.

    Various types of fabrics could differ from each other in about 5% in colour. We do not reccomend merging different types fabric in one project. 

    Differences in colour cannot be the basis for complaint. Differences in colours displayed on the Customer's screen cannot be the basis for complaint.

    Complaints as a results of clear transportation damage/s (e.g. lack of haberdashery items, wet, dirty or damaged textiles) will be considered under the conditions that an appropriate protocol will be fullfilled in the presence of the courier or in a parcel shop in the same day the parcel is delievered!