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    1. The option of making additional order to previously placed orders is only available to registered Customers.


    2. You can make addons to following order status:


    - new

    - order paid

    - awaiting for payment (only if you choose "bank transfer")

    - payment period expires soon 

    - I will add an order


    3. To realize the order addon you should: log in to the shop, add items to cart, click on “view shopping cart”.

    If previously placed orders meet the criteria in point 2, then above the "proceed to checkout" button, a list with the numbers of "active orders" will appear, to which we can place the connected order. Select the appropriate order number, then follow the procedure for ordering products in our store.


    In the case of orders shipped within Poland - if the ordered products have not exceeded the minimal value for free shipping, the system will charge the appropriate shipping costs by default. If the order placed previously met the requirements of cost-free shipping, the costs will be reduced in the final order summary.

    In the case of international shipments - shipping costs are charged according to the weight of the order. In a situation where after placing orders, the weight of the parcel exceeds the weighing threshold defined in the parcel list, the customer is obliged to cover the additional shipping costs.


    4. The Customer may independently suspend the processing of the "paid" order by selecting the option "I will add an order". Setting the status "I will add an order" postpones the processing of the order by 3 working days and allows you to place connected orders.

    If the customer does not submit any orders within the prescribed period, the previously placed order will return to the "paid" status and will be accepted for processing in accordance with the regular Term and conditions.


    5. Discounts, vouchers, gift vouchers and loyalty points used as a means of payment are applicable once. Once used, the discount form will not be reproduced in a connection order.


    6. The connection order has to have set the same shipping address and payment method as the main order.


    7. The processing of added orders is carried out with the last order placed. The processing time is calculated from the connection order.






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