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    • Daily deals
      Daily deals

      Daily deals are one-day treats whose charm is broken at midnight! Remember that adding a product to the cart will not guarantee a low price at another time! Get at least 25% off before the clock strikes 12!

    • Viscose woven fabric
      Viscose woven fabric

      Light, airy, thin - viscose woven fabric recommends itself for summer sewing. Invaluable on sunny days, it is like a pleasant mist on the body.

    • Satyna sukienkowa 190g
      Satyna sukienkowa 190g

      It keeps the shape well, does not require a lining, and is 100% cotton. This fabric is a hit every summer, which will look great both in clothing and interior design.

    • DIY sets - seasonal specials
      DIY sets - seasonal specials

      Woman, man, sew yourself! With DIY sets it will take you only a few moments, the leftovers will be much less, and the satisfaction with the result will be the same! Observe, because seasonal promotions like to change!

    • Non standard measurements
      Non standard measurements

      Do you like to combine patterns and colors? Test combinations of different materials? A meter is too much and half too little? Here you will find wholesome non standard length pieces discounted by 30%!

    • Ends of collections
      Ends of collections

      Rarities from limited designs, individual discounts and ends of collections - here you will find the answer to the question: "Is there anything left, even a small piece?"

    • White fabrics
      White fabrics

      The coupons of white materials are the beginnings and ends of the beams that have already been printed. This means that this white can be defined as digital white, which should be remembered when

    • Returns

      Returns are those fabrics that customers sent back because they did not like the color, they expected something different from the product, they ordered a different design by mistake, etc. All returns are first-class products that you can buy in the outlet with a 20% discount.

    • B-stock

      The B-stock is a category where you will find fabrics with manufacturing defects, printer blemishes, stripes, spandex runs, ladders, holes or a diagonal cut.

    • Panels

      You will find here panels of various shapes, weights and sizes, with a discount of 30% or for only 1 euro! You can find out if sewing pillows is really child's play, create patchwork clothes and other gadgets.

    • Bags

      Big and small scraps, cleaning cloths, haberdashery - our bags are delivered by a courier, not Santa Claus, but the contents are a surprise similar to Christmas gifts!

    • Bretki tekturowe do nawijania tkanin
      Bretki tekturowe do nawijania tkanin

      In this category, you will find cardboard fabric bolts on which you can wind fabrics or patterns at home to prevent them from creasing. In the shop, workshop, studio on bolts , you will display the multitude of patterns and colors of your offer.