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    Afiliate program tutorial.


    1. Preparation of a recommendation link.

    An individual recommendation link can be directly copied from a product's card by clicking on the "Recommend and Earn" icon in the upper right corner of the product card.

    Tutorial programu afiliacyjnego


    Or after going to the "My account" section in the "Recommend and earn" program tab.


    Tutorial programu afiliacyjnego


    2. Transaction history - awarded points.

    In accordance with the rules of the program, if an effective order is created from the generated link (paid order, which after completion has received the status "Sent"), then you will be awarded points according to the conversion rate of 1 point for each 2 GBP spent.

    The history of the points received (together with the points received for participating in the loyalty program) can be checked in the "My account" section in the "Loyalty program" tab.


    Tutorial programu afiliacyjnego


    3. Use of collected points.

    You can exchange collected points for the unique rewards, available only in the loyalty program ("My account”section, "loyalty program" tab). Points can also be used as a rebate in the order (according to the affiliate program conversion rate 1 point = 0,04). After entering the cart in the lower left corner, go to the section "Use points from the loyalty program." You can use any number of points, but the system will not allow you to place an order for less than GBP 0,10.


     Tutorial programu afiliacyjnego


    4. When placing a new order, each time you will receive information on how many points of the loyalty program you will receive for placing the order. According to the regulations, each GBP 2 spent = 1 point awarded in the loyalty program.


    Tutorial programu afiliacyjnego

    5. Summary of the order with points used as a rebate.

    In the basket summary, in the lower right corner there is information on how many points have been awarded for placing the order. If you have decided to use points as a rebate to order, then the selected number of points is also shown in the summary. (In the example below, 11 points were used, which according to the regulations allowed for a discount of 11 x 0.20 PLN = 2.20 PLN.)

      Tutorial programu afiliacyjnego