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    1. When I receive my order? 

    Each package is being sent accordingly to the delivery date which is stated in the system. We always strive to send it as soon as possible.

    If you have any doubts regarding to tje delivery date you can communicate with us through telephone or email.

    2. I received wrong / incorrect order, what shall I do? 

    We strive to realize all the orders quickly and faultlessly, however we apologize you in advance if we have made mistake. In case of incorrect order please coomunicate with us on email: [email protected] / we appreciate short description of what is wrong also photography to show us damages / shortages.

    If we have got wrong we will send you courier with missing fabric for exchange. It is on our cost, so you can stay safe at home and relax.

    We have got developed also other tools to refund our customers loss so certainly together we will find relevant solution.

    3. I want to return or exchange products, how can I do this?

    We kindly ask you to get familiar with our refunds/reclamation rules.

    4. Washing instruction

    Our fabrics are smooth and delicate so we strongly reccomend washing under maximum 40 degrees of Celsius.

    pranie 40
    For textiles with polyester (minky fleece, fur fabrics) and for all the printed patterns fabrics we ask for higher attention and washing under maximum 30 degrees of Celsius.

    pranie 30

    5. Are fabrics avaiable at our store change colour? 

    No, we guarantee that fabrics available at our shop will not change colour unless they are use according to above washing specification. We rely on the cooperation with other manufacturers and we check their deliveries throughout so if you noticed that you fabric does change colour please let us know as soon as possible!

    6. Are fabrics available at our store get pilling?

    Every cotton fabric soon or later might get pilling - loose fibers begin to push out from the surface of the cloth, and over time, abrasion causes the fibers to develop into small spherical bundles. Pilling normally happens on the parts of clothing that receive the most abrasion in day-to-day wear, such as the collar, cuffs and around the thighs and rear on trousers.

    If you want your clothes to maintain material without pilling, choose fabrics without polyester.

    Our cotton yarns are refined by top silicone-plasticizers which should secure your clothes from pilling as well.

    7. Are fabrics available at our store need to be steamed?

    No, cotton and polyester fabrics do not need to be steamed - they are ready to use straight away. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering about shrinkage process, which is natural for fabrics and amounts to:

    - about 3% width and 2% length for products without elastan

    - about 5% width and 4% length for products with elastan

    8. Are fabrics with printed patterns differ to the touch, how they should be washed?

    At our store we offer screen, rotary and digitally printed fabrics. Each printing method is being proceed including the highest possible quality ink, however each additional layer of painting ink is palpable on the material, the intensity proportionally to the density of printing (excluding digital printing).

    Printing ink do not effect on the fabrics in the wash and are able to withstand even 60 Celsius degrees washing, however for safety and assurance we reccomend washing under maximum 30 Celsius degrees.

    Please have under your consideration that every printed layout on the fabric's surface while working (rubbing) will be shredded at first.

    It is natural process that the first washing slightly reduce the intensity of the printed colours - colours get stabilized but it should be practically insignificant change.

    9. II can not login / there is a mistake on the page

    At the beginning, refresh the page or change the browser. If this does not help, press CTRL and F5 simultaneously (delete the browser cache). If this does not work, use CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE. Select "All" in the menu and then select Only the "Page settings" position, then confirm with "Delete now". If it is still not working, please check the error and report it to us with a screen and / or error text.

    10. The payment has not worked, how can I pay now?

    Here are all our details:
    Please send us a proof (slip / printscreen) of the payment to [email protected] so that we can check it with the bookkeeping.

    11. Do you have wholesale prices?

    Yes! Please write to [email protected].

    12. How to proceed with a voucher?
    The voucher must be added to the order. The voucher can only be used once, it is valid for 1 year.
    The order without shipping costs must be greater than the value of the voucher.

    13. How can I exchange the points for prizes?

    The points must be exchanged for a voucher. Then you have to add the voucher to the basket, just like other products. The prize will be sent with the order or via email, if a sewing pattern is selected.

    14. Can I add anything else?

    Yes, but connecting orders can only be made until the main order starts to be proceeded. Read more in the connection orders conditions.

    15. What is the difference between TE210 and PE240?
    TE210 is jersey, PE240 / PE260 is summersweat and D300 is wintersweat brushed.

    16. How much is 1 piece?

    1 piece is usually 0.5 meter for fabrics (0.5 m of running meter) and 0.10 for elastic fabrics and swimsuit lycra. Haberdashery products, such as cords, bands, laces, etc., are also often sold in meters. It is always written in the description of the product.

    Havent found your answer yet ? Contact our customer care service at [email protected]. Our employees are available for You from Monday to Friday from 8.00 till 16.00.​​​​​​​

    Best Regards, Team.