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    Thermo wear

    • Thermo women's blouse (PATTY)
      Thermo women's blouse (PATTY)

      During sports activities, autumn walks, on the playground with an active kid, frolics among the fields with your beloved pet, on the ice rink, in the forest, in the park and on the beach - it is good to take care of your own thermal comfort. Women's PATTY thermic longsleeve is perfect wherever comfort and warmth are needed. And this also involves activities at home, where patience and sitting almost still is important - doing jigsaw puzzles, reading books, watching movies and TV series or pursuing a favorite hobby.

    • Thermo men’s blouse (JIM)
      Thermo men’s blouse (JIM)

      JIM is a men's thermo lycra blouse that cares about the thermal comfort of your beloved, brother, dad, son. It will be perfect for outdoor sports in the open air, as well as for spending lazy evenings on the couch. This DIY set you only need to cut and sew.

    • Thermo kid's blouse (BILLIE)
      Thermo kid's blouse (BILLIE)

      BILLIE is a thermo children's blouse, which was created for fans of active leisure - both as a layer under clothing (thermal underwear) and the only layer of clothing. It will also work well as casual clothing for around 250 out of 365 days a year. And also, if necessary, as an element of homewear clothing.

    • Thermo girl’s set (NANCY)
      Thermo girl’s set (NANCY)

      NANCY is a DIY thermo girl's set, which consists of a thermo blouse and leggings. Sew it to a tomboy who comes home only for dinner and sleeping. Sew for the aspiring ice hockey player or mountain bike fan. Sew for enthusiasts of large-format puzzles. Cut it out, sew it and it's ready!

    • Thermo boy’s set (LUCAS)
      Thermo boy’s set (LUCAS)

      LUCAS is a thermo DIY set for boys, which consists of a thermo blouse and leggings. In it, you can send your urchin to the playground or football training, to learn snowboarding using the set in the form of thermo-active underwear. And you can also allow afternoon fun on the floor. It will only take you a moment to sew a set from a DIY sewing set!

    • Thermo women's set (JANE)
      Thermo women's set (JANE)

      As the Norwegians say - 'There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes'. It's not a good idea to give up outdoor activities when the temperature outside drops. Walking, running, Nordic walking, a brisk walk with the pushchair or a sprint after the two-year-old on the balance bike will be more enjoyable in fitted, stylish thermal sets. The JANE women's thermo set is the perfect outfit for all of us - whether we do sports or just appreciate the comfort of sports clothes.

    • Thermo men’s set (STEVE)
      Thermo men’s set (STEVE)

      STEVE is a men's thermo set for cold days and evenings. In a few moments, from the DIY set made of thermo lycra, you will conjure up a comfortable blouse and equally comfortable leggings that will be perfect for sports and relaxation.

    • Girls thermo leggings (DORA)
      Girls thermo leggings (DORA)

      DORA is a DIY girls thermo leggings that help her discover the world! Comfortable, close to the body and, above all, insulated - they are perfect to gambol outdoors and around the house. The skin-friendly nap will positively mood your child.

    • Women’s thermo leggings (GRETA)
      Women’s thermo leggings (GRETA)

      GRETA is a high-waisted women's thermo leggings that combines modern design and comfort, ensuring thermal comfort and body fit. This makes them suitable for both home activities and sports.

    • Boy’s thermo leggings (HUGO)
      Boy’s thermo leggings (HUGO)

      HUGO is a thermo boys leggings for every young athlete, amateur of hide and seek at home, fan of Lego blocks and others. Made of thermo lycra with a nap, the DIY set will be perfect not only for this autumn.

    • Men’s thermo leggings (JACK)
      Men’s thermo leggings (JACK)

      JACK is a DIY men's thermo leggings designed for men's winter expeditions, survival camps not only for tough guys, runners and cyclists, but also fans of their own four walls, who spend most of their time in the garage. They will also work well as thermoactive underwear.