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    "Dresó Organic" certificate


    Dresowka organic


    Products marked with the "Dresó Organic" certificate mark are a selection of the highest quality organic textiles.

    Fabrics marked with this mark were made at least 90% from certified organic yarn (up to 10% synthetic yarn, i.e. elastane), chemically finished (washing, bleaching, softening, stabilization) in processes fully certified in accordance with the requirements of organic production and printed only with certified organic paints.

    The production of textiles marked with the "Dresó Organic" mark takes place entirely in Poland.

    Certified textiles are free of all harmful substances (including pesticides, chlorophenol, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes, azo dyes or extractable heavy metals) that can have a negative effect on human health and the environment in increased concentrations.

    Certified organic yarn from which the "Dresó Organic" textiles are:

    ♥ made from non-genetically modified seeds, naturally
    ♥ made without the use of pesticides and insecticides, thanks to which the cultivation does not pollute the environment or adversely affect the health of the people involved in it
    ♥ made with more than 50% lower water consumption in the production process
    ♥ cultivation and production is strictly controlled, without exploitation, while respecting workers' rights


    World cotton production is responsible for a significant share of environmental pollution. With sewing, instead of buying in chain stores, we take a big step in the right direction. Tailor-made clothes are usually used until they are damaged, worn more often, passed on and rarely thrown away. Now we can take one step further in changing the world for the better.